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  • Domain Registar

    We perform registration of domains.Domains such as .com,.in,.org and many more can be applicable to our customers with affordable prices.

  • Web site Hosting

    Just Designs Now provides a good Web Site Hosting service.We are linked up with one of the good web hosting services in the world.Our hosting service is the fast hosting service.

  • Reseller Hosting

    We also provide reseller hosting to the customers.The customers can be able to avail this service easily.They can be benefitted in their business with this service.

  • cloud servers

    Just Designs Now provides different cloud servers to the customers.With cloud servers the data of the web sites can be stored effectively with atmost security.

"Having an attractive and well designed website for your business creates oppurtunities to inflence people's mindset and help you te generate more sales."

Internet Marketing

The most popular thing in today's world is INTERNET.Withtout internet the work is impossible.So we are providing the internet marketing from Just Designs Now.This can be done with the help of ads.We post the ads of the business on the internet and social mediaas well provided by the customers.

Website Design

The most important service provided by Just Designs Now is Website designing.We offer Website designing at very lower and easily affordable prices to the customers.A good design will atract a lot of custoomers.So we are providing great designs to our customers.This can take the business to a different level.

Web Development

Another service from Just Designs Now is Web Development.Web Development takes a Website Designing to another level.We develop the website as per the customers requirements.We add all functionalities and extra functionalities to our customers for their websites.A well developed website will be used for different purposes.