About Just Designs Now

Just Designs Now,has evolved in December 2014.This was all began with our registered primary domain JustCallNow.From then We started our journey.Everyone has worked hard for this organisation to make it grand success.We have huge following of netizens worldwide with more than 1 Crore netizens.We also have more than 10,000 customers across India.We also has a good following of customers on social media as well.For our customers we started Just Designs Now which is a sub part of Just Ads Now

Provides complete Start-up, Growth, and Transfer of Ownership Services for Businesses.
  • Who We Are

  • We are one of the fast developing designing cum developing organisation across India.In 2016,JustCallNow changed to as Just Ads Now.Around 10,000 customers believed us and posted their paid ads on our website.With the ads our customers got benefitted in their business.
  • What We Do

  • We provide a good service to our customers with lower rates.We provide exclusive offers for our customers with very lower rates when compared to market rates.With our union the customers.We gaurantee the development in their business for our customers.

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Ravi Kumar - Director-1

Passage with the recente desktop software we like versions avaliable.

  • Habeeb - Director-2

Passage with the recente desktop software we like versions avaliable.

  • B.Suvarna - Director-3

Passage with the recente desktop software we like versions avaliable.

Meet Our Web Developing Team

  • Kundan Bhandari
    Web Developer

Our Products / Features

  • Domain Registar

    We perform registration of domains.Domains such as .com,.in,.org and many more can be applicable to our customers with affordable prices.

  • Web site Hosting

    Just Designs Now provides a good Web Site Hosting service.We are linked up with one of the good web hosting services in the world.Our hosting service is the fast hosting service.

  • Reseller Hosting

    We also provide reseller hosting to the customers.The customers can be able to avail this service easily.They can be benefitted in their business with this service.

  • cloud servers

    Just Designs Now provides different cloud servers to the customers.With cloud servers the data of the web sites can be stored effectively with atmost security.